3TNV88 with Hydraulic Pump Drive

Hayes Hydraulic Pump Drive Assemblies

Hayes flywheel couplings absorb vibration and shock to provide a steady dampening effect lengthening the life of your pump components. Their design gives you worry-free installation and ensures that your coupling will be installed properly the first time, every time.

Westquip offers quality hydraulic pump mount plates and couplings for your entire pump mounting needs. Drive assemblies are competitively priced and normally in stock

Isuzu 4LE2 Power Unit with PTO Clutch

Power Take Off Mechanical Clutch and PTO Stub Shafts

Our mechanical inline clutches are ball type main bearing design and available in sizes from 6.5″ through 11.5″. Clutches are suitable for in-line and side load applications.

Where a clutch is not required, we offer standard SAE stub shaft assemblies. These in-line shafts bolt directly to the engine flywheel.

Westquip also stocks jaw couplings and engine pump / adaptors for those smaller air cooled diesel engine models.