Light Towers and Lighting Systems

Westquip offers a large variety of lighting products from mobile light towers to vertical light mast assemblies with either LED or Metal Halide Lighting.

Westquip is a leader in light tower sales and manufacturing  Our vertical light masts are designed to easily install on a building, skid shack or trailer unit.  If your looking for a robust long run diesel light tower make sure to view our newly designed Westquip WQ15LED Series Light Tower. This all new Vertical Mast design light tower is available as a trailered package or as a skid package.  We also offer the popular Doosan (formerly Ingersoll Rand) light towers and power generation products.

Our WQ LED Light Fixtures provide more illumination than the industry standard 1000 Watt Metal Halide head. 

Westquip LED Fixtures consume less than 1/3 of the power of traditional 1000 Watt Metal Halide fixtures.

Westquip CHA-320-GFL6025 vs Metal Halide