WQ5000ECO Light Towers

A portable alternative to a standard diesel generator light tower.  An ideal product where a power supply is available. This silent, environmental friendly tower is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

ECO Towers come standard with high-efficiency & innovative LED lights. Instant-on and full brightness. Using a fraction of the energy than traditional 1000W metal halide fixtures.

  • Winch or Hydraulic Lift Options
  • 120V 15Amp or Linkable 120/240V 30Amp Options

WQ5000 Vertical Light Mast

Our most popular and versatile series, this compact 5 stage vertical tower extends to 25 feet and retracts down to 7 feet allowing for safe and simple light fixture setup and removal from the ground. User friendly installation to a building structure or trailer. 

Vertical Light Masts

  • LED (or 1000W Metal Halide Floodlights)
  • Heavy duty 5 section vertical mast
  • 24’ (7.3m) extended height
  • 74″ (1.8m) retracted height
  • Cold weather curly power cord
  • Removable light fixtures with quick connect light cords fixture cords
  • 360 degree tower rotation
  • Simple installation to any building or trailer package
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Lift System Options

Hydraulic Actuated Lift Model: WQ5000H

  • 12V Hydraulic actuated lift system with remote control for raising and
    lowering the tower.

Manual Lift System Model: WQ5000S

  • Single manual hand winch lift system with automatic brake
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